Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poetry for the Not-Quite-Right

Sunday Into Monday

Another weekend's come and gone
a hint of sadness, moving on
The cyclic nature of passing weeks
with chipmunks filling stretchy cheeks

Makes Winter feel as though it goes
on and on, but I suppose
Spring will offer warm embrace
Then poke your eye and slap your face

Laying down, your breathing slows
CO2 shoots out your nose
Soon a brand new day will dawn
A hint of joy, the sadness gone

Waking in a world of dreams
Something's not quite as it seems
Children eating uncooked meat
A gander down, I'm missing feet

Being chased on cobblestone
that turns into a waffle cone
Wake up fast and look around
Everyone is safe and sound

Back to sleep, just one more hour
Maybe more if I skip my shower
Alarm goes off with digital chimes
Hitting snooze a million times

I slither towards the foot of the bed
And step down on the kitty's head
He claws my leg and bites my toe
Must be Monday, here I go

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

To truly take notice of the calm before the storm while it is occurring, one would have to possess the knowledge of the upcoming storm prior to the storm's onset. Otherwise, it might not seem out of the ordinary, or extraordinary.

This particular storm, the Surreal Brainstorm, has been brewing for more than three decades and I have, at very sporadic times, felt the calmness. I have felt it around me, sometimes even swallowing me. But I have yet to feel the calmness wash through me. Perhaps this is because the storm itself resides within me, or at the very least, manifests itself from within me.

Therefore, with each blog entry, I hope to create a channel within myself whereby the calmness may enter and exit freely. So get out your ponchos and buckle up, people. You're about to become a stormchaser. Of course, you are free to seek shelter from the storm by remaining inside the safety of your own head. If you choose the latter, all you must do is simply close this "window".