Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poetry for the Not-Quite-Right

Sunday Into Monday

Another weekend's come and gone
a hint of sadness, moving on
The cyclic nature of passing weeks
with chipmunks filling stretchy cheeks

Makes Winter feel as though it goes
on and on, but I suppose
Spring will offer warm embrace
Then poke your eye and slap your face

Laying down, your breathing slows
CO2 shoots out your nose
Soon a brand new day will dawn
A hint of joy, the sadness gone

Waking in a world of dreams
Something's not quite as it seems
Children eating uncooked meat
A gander down, I'm missing feet

Being chased on cobblestone
that turns into a waffle cone
Wake up fast and look around
Everyone is safe and sound

Back to sleep, just one more hour
Maybe more if I skip my shower
Alarm goes off with digital chimes
Hitting snooze a million times

I slither towards the foot of the bed
And step down on the kitty's head
He claws my leg and bites my toe
Must be Monday, here I go

1 comment:

  1. Love it! Having you been watching me? This very accurately describes so many of my Mondays.