Sunday, July 22, 2012

Get Your Bearings

The last several pieces I have done have been pen and ink, so I decided I would step away from ink and back to pencil drawing. Initially, it was going to be just a sketch, but sometimes beautiful things happen and lead me to carry on with a piece even though I started it on a low grade piece of computer paper.

Now, isn't he beautiful?... I said, isn't he beautiful!?

I completed this piece with the intention of submitting it to a website called Illustration Friday. The artistic challenge of the week was to complete a piece using Lost as the subject matter. Unfortunately, I didn't finish it in time. Dammit. Why couldn't it be Illustration Sunday?

I used pencil for the creature. I used oil color pencils for the background archway and collar. They are fun to use and they make smooth colors with deep saturation. I also buckled and used blue ink on the border of the green archway.

If you enjoyed looking at this half as much as I enjoyed drawing it, then it was twice the enjoyment that any one person needs at any given time.


  1. This one is great! Love the hyper-detailed alien with the flat green background, very eye-catching.

  2. Thank you, Shea. I totally agree. It makes it "POP"!